The Twilight Zone, Revisited: Waking Up With the Crazies

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When I was 16, my Aunt Becky (30 at the time) told me, “As you get older, life goes by faster.” I thought she was crazy. But now, older and wiser, I know she was speaking the truth. I don’t know what laws of the universe are at play, but I feel like I blinked [...]

Finding Happiness

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I personally think the most interesting place to watch people is the airport. There, you really see the insanity of it all. Recently I sat in Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport waiting for my connecting flight to Zurich before heading to the center of the universe: New York City. I saw all kinds of interesting [...]

Knowing What’s Important Can Land You on Serbian TV (An Exercise)

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I had no clue what the Serbian reporter was asking me. Thank goodness Oscar was there to translate the conversation. I met Oscar earlier this spring on when we couldn't find a pet-friendly place to stay in Serbia. While we weren't exactly in the market for a couch to sleep on, I thought the [...]