The Twilight Zone, Revisited: Waking Up With the Crazies

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When I was 16, my Aunt Becky (30 at the time) told me, “As you get older, life goes by faster.” I thought she was crazy. But now, older and wiser, I know she was speaking the truth. I don’t know what laws of the universe are at play, but I feel like I blinked [...]

Are You Kidding Me?

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Here I am, living in a rural Serbian village, which is not the easiest thing I've ever done. Budapest was somewhat of an adjustment from U.S. living, but this is a whole other level. Things I took for granted in Budapest have become glaringly absent, like not having a Starbucks around the block when I [...]

My Baby Shower Invite

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Before I started writing my first book (available now!), I’d heard people say that writing a book is similar to giving birth. I thought, really? Isn't that a little over dramatic? Obviously due to a natural barrier, I haven’t given birth. (Not that I wouldn't have wanted the experience, but life is life.) But now [...]

From %$&@ It! to Hungarian

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It’s official – I’m Hungarian! Well, I’m a resident of Hungary. And to say it was a roller coaster ride getting here is an understatement. But, taking the ride reminded me of a very powerful business and life lesson that I’d forgotten. When we bought our apartment in Budapest I really didn't think about having to obtain a visa. [...]

The Land of Opportunity Overload

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This statue of George Washington (three blocks from our apartment) was erected by US citizens from Hungary in 1906 - City Park, Budapest I've had some unexpected surprises living in Eastern Europe. One of the most unexpected is my renewed love of America. You know the old saying “the grass is always greener on the other [...]

Designing a Process for Success: Applying Chemical Engineering to Business (Part Two)

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In my last post, I talked about how my degree in chemical engineering relates to me as an entrepreneur. So, how do you design a process for success? This might seem obvious, but, believe or not, people try to skip over the “make it or break it” piece. (I’m sure it’s none of you… just [...]

Life’s Lessons as a Square: Applying Chemical Engineering to Business (Part One)

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catwalker / Believe it or not, I have a degree in chemical engineering. I know, right? What was I thinking? Good question. No offense to all you engineers out there, but I think even my professors knew chemistry wasn't “it” for me. It was like that Sesame Street song about shapes. They show 4 shapes; 3 [...]