House Hunters International: Business and Budget in Budapest, Hungary

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Did you catch Will and me on HGTV’s House Hunters International this week? It was awesome! If you’re lucky enough to be with one of the TV providers listed here, you can catch the replay. If not, the episode is airing again next month. This week I’m in Stara Moravica, Serbia, as we wrap up [...]

Is Anyone Listening?

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Sai, a member of our PitchRate community, recently sent me this story his grandfather told him about Saint Narada and Lord Vishnu, the God of creation in Hinduism: Saint Narada prided himself on being Lord Vishnu’s most devoted follower. One day, Narada found the Lord praising a farmer for his own devotion. Outraged, Narada asked [...]

Are You Kidding Me?

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Here I am, living in a rural Serbian village, which is not the easiest thing I've ever done. Budapest was somewhat of an adjustment from U.S. living, but this is a whole other level. Things I took for granted in Budapest have become glaringly absent, like not having a Starbucks around the block when I [...]

Knowing What’s Important Can Land You on Serbian TV (An Exercise)

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I had no clue what the Serbian reporter was asking me. Thank goodness Oscar was there to translate the conversation. I met Oscar earlier this spring on when we couldn't find a pet-friendly place to stay in Serbia. While we weren't exactly in the market for a couch to sleep on, I thought the [...]