Sai, a member of our PitchRate community, recently sent me this story his grandfather told him about Saint Narada and Lord Vishnu, the God of creation in Hinduism:

Saint Narada prided himself on being Lord Vishnu’s most devoted follower. One day, Narada found the Lord praising a farmer for his own devotion. Outraged, Narada asked the Lord to explain why, so Lord Vishnu gave Narada a bowl of water and asked him to travel all over the world without spilling a drop. Narada did as the Lord requested and when he returned, Lord Vishnu asked him how many times he thought of Him during his endeavor. Narada replied, “None”; he was occupied with not spilling any drops. Lord Vishnu then asked him to take a look at the farmer. The farmer was a struggling family man working hard to make a living, yet at the end of each daily chore he took the time to thank the Lord for enabling him to accomplish it. Lord Vishnu then turned to Narada and said, “I gave you one task and you could not remember me even once. Do you see the difference?

Sai said, “All of us have a specific role to play in the world; we can’t all be saints and pray all day or leave behind our responsibilities and be something different. But in our own unique way we need to make time to meditate.”

If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll know I believe we’re all connected. But sometimes I forget that. It can be a lonely out there and occasionally I question if what I’m doing is making any difference at all. Every day, I sit at my computer, wherever I happen to be in the world, and I write. And at times I do wonder if my message is getting through. Every so often I even ask myself, “What is my message? Why am I doing this? I already have enough, don’t I?” I have my day job as CEO of Wasabi Publicity, which is a true gift – I get to work with the most amazing people who are committed to make a difference (I can’t think of a cooler way to spend my time, can you?). And now I’m working with students at my rural Serbian IT school, seeing firsthand a difference being made; something that (I hope) will shape their individual lives forever… and who knows how many lives to come?

So why do I continue to write these blog posts? The answer is simple, really. This may sound crazy, but what I write about is exactly what I need to hear along my path. If we’re all connected, the only place I can truly make a difference is with me – which in turn, transforms everyone.

If I’ve lost you, let me simplify my message. If I transform, you transform.

But, like I said, sometimes I forget this and I start thinking we’re all different. It’s only when I get feedback (from YOU) that I’m returned to myself.

So for all of you who let me know you’re out there (like Sai, my clients, my students, and those commenting below) – words fail to express my gratitude. And if you’re ever questioning if anyone out there is receiving your message, I’m here. Thank you for the work you’re doing to transform my life!