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If we’ve never met, my name is Drew Gerber and I live in Budapest with my husband, Will, and our two rescue dogs, Brodee (from N.C., USA), and Koki (from Subotica, Serbia).

My guess is you’ve landed here because you have a desire to live somewhere other than where you are. It might be a burning desire, an amber, or curiosity. My day job, so to speak, is CEO of Wasabi Publicity. I’ve been doing this for 20 years and I’ve talked to a lot of people about PR, but the funny thing is, the conversation often turns to my life in Hungary. I’ve been so surprised how many people share with me their desire to live somewhere other than where they are. I understand exactly how they feel. I had that same feeling 9 years ago sitting on the couch with Will, binge-watching our favorite reality show, HGTV’s House Hunters International. If you would’ve told me then what my life would look like now, I’d have said you were crazy. But here I am, sitting in our flat overlooking the Parliament of Budapest, writing this to you.

Not only do we live in a place we love, we actually got to star on House Hunters International – twice! Once when we bought our house here in Budapest, and again when we bought our second home in Serbia; right across the border in a rural village where for some people, their main mode of transportation is horse and carriage.

What a wild ride…

So, what’s your next adventure? Are you curious how to set up your life to give you the freedom to live anywhere you want? I recently recorded a conversation with a dear friend of mine, Allie, who we met in Trieste, Italy. I share how we got from there to here, the whole time making a difference.

We discuss:

  • How we got from N.C. to Budapest.
  • How Allie designed her life to be able to live anywhere she wants.
  • dōTERRA oils, Allie’s passion to make a difference, and how you can partner with us to live wherever you want and make a difference along the way.

Are you interested in joining us on this adventure and you’d like to chat?

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Our Why

It’s probably no surprise to you when I tell you that we often choose the path less traveled. I mean, who else would call themselves global nomads on a quest to see, change, and experience the world?

Here’s what might not be so obvious: I [Drew] love reality TV. If it’s a reality show, you can count me in. Will? Not so much. But there’s one exception: House Hunters International. From the first episode, we were hooked. If you haven’t seen an episode, run, do not walk, to your nearest Amazon and buy a series [preferably a series that features us] – or if you would like for us to send you our Budapest episode, let us know. It’s amazing! You get to experience people following their dreams, see the global real estate markets, and get a glimpse of life around the world – three of our favorite things all in one show! And better yet, all from the comfort of our couch. We were in!

We became addicted. We watched every episode – and, I must confess, some more than once.

It was during House Hunters International episode 100,009 we were watching a couple buying a property in Merida, Mexico, when a light bulb went off. We turned to each other and we knew it was time to get off the couch – to be global nomads working, living, and following our dreams.

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