The Prophet on the Train

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Who knew my journey from Budapest to Subotica recently would prove to be such a learning experience? From the first lunge of the train, to Andreas storming through my cabin, it was an interesting ride to say the least. The trip was probably the most surreal three hours of my life. From the moment Andreas [...]

What Kind of Fish Are You?

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Above the old city walls - Dubrovnik, Croatia You know those moments when you’re in the middle on a conversation and something big, something important, suddenly hits you? That happened to me earlier this year. We’re all different, we know that. The world would be boring if we were all the same, right? But think of it [...]

How a Lama and Google Helped Diamond Find His Way

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This piece of art hangs on our living room wall over the sofa in Budapest I’m usually less than excited to receive any kind of marketing email in my Inbox. But one day, the subject “Seeing through Confusion” grabbed my attention. It might have had something to do with the fact that I actually was [...]

Have You Signed Up For Too Many Excursions?

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It’s been years since I got an email from a client that was upsetting. The kind that accuses my team for not following through on what was requested. The kind that tells me the ship is sinking and it’s our fault entirely. I received one recently. In my client’s world, we were the only plausible [...]

Don’t Judge a House Deal By Its Cover

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“We go in there to sign the papers and exchange the money,” Andrea, our interpreter, said. What? Where? In a bar? I was confused. We’d parked across the street from the municipality building in Bačka Topola, the capital for the region where we were buying our Serbian farmhouse (or as the previous owners called it, [...]

From %$&@ It! to Hungarian

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It’s official – I’m Hungarian! Well, I’m a resident of Hungary. And to say it was a roller coaster ride getting here is an understatement. But, taking the ride reminded me of a very powerful business and life lesson that I’d forgotten. When we bought our apartment in Budapest I really didn't think about having to obtain a visa. [...]

The Land of Opportunity Overload

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This statue of George Washington (three blocks from our apartment) was erected by US citizens from Hungary in 1906 - City Park, Budapest I've had some unexpected surprises living in Eastern Europe. One of the most unexpected is my renewed love of America. You know the old saying “the grass is always greener on the other [...]

It’s Your Choice: Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde?

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Have you ever had an out-of-body experience? A moment where you’re watching an overly-dramatic movie and YOU are the lead character? I had one of those recently, in a Tommy's supermarket parking lot in Dubrovnik, Croatia. Looking back, there really wasn't anything to be upset about. I’m living in paradise. But still, there I was, watching the [...]