Focus On the Burrito_Image

Shortly after I stepped into the cab I knew I’d forgotten something, something very important. You know when your “Spidey sense” kicks in (yes, I’m going geek) and you just know something ain’t quite right?


We were only a couple of blocks from the hotel, so I immediately began pleading my case to the only person who could help me out, the cabbie. We’d gotten off on a good foot so I thought it would be okay to politely ask him to turn around and go back. I mean, it was only a couple of blocks… I figured, while it might be a little inconvenient, he’d say no problem. Why exactly I was so naive, I’m not sure. Everything in New York is a big deal. Since the meter wasn’t running and it was a flat fee from Midtown to JFK, I should’ve known that he wouldn’t be thrilled.

The cabbie put up a pretty good argument as to why taking me back wasn’t a good move. It was the weekend of the New York City Marathon, so heading uptown was a big deal. I give him props for that. But he did say that if I’d forgotten something really important, like my phone, we could turn around. Little did he know that I’d left behind something far more important than a stupid phone! I forgot my Chipotle burrito.

To say I love Chipotle burritos is an understatement. In fact, other than friends and family, they’re one of the few things I truly miss about living in the U.S. I was over the moon when our client asked me to fly to New York. One of the first things I thought about was that heaven in a bowl with a side a guacamole that would soon be mine.

I’d already partaken in my favorite barbacoa bowl before flying back to Budapest; but when it comes to Chipotle, I subscribe to the Lay’s potato chip philosophy of, “Bet you can’t eat just one!” So on departure day, I’d gotten up extra early to run my errands and, of course, stop at Chipotle. I had it all planned out. I would check in at the airport, get through security, and then savor every morsel of my beautiful burrito. I even went the whole hog and got a burrito instead of a bowl! Normally I try to stay away from wheat, but this was a celebration.

But there I sat going through the Midtown tunnel with no burrito.

How did it happen? You know how it goes. I was so worried (okay, obsessive) about checking everything in my room – the closets, both bathrooms, around the bed – a gazillion times to make sure I wasn’t leaving a sock behind. All was good. I even put my suitcases together next to the desk and set my burrito on top of the desk. Where it may still sit…

I believe everything happens for a reason, and I did learn a valuable lesson while I sat in that cab with burrito envy. I got so wrapped up in worrying about unnecessary things that I missed the burrito sitting right in front of my face.

I’m so busy worrying about our clients’ happiness, about the little extra weight I gained on my New York trip (not from Chipotle), or simply doing the right thing, that I could be missing out on a game-changing idea for our business, a perfect partnership, or a golden opportunity laying right in front of me.

So here’s my big question for you: what are you worrying about too much – and in turn, what’s left sitting on the desk because of it?