“Life offers you a thousand chances… all you have to do is take one.”
~Frances Mayes, Under the Tuscan Sun

563481_4514649864466_2086611601_nDrew and the boys outside the old city fort on the pier — Dubrovnik, Croatia

Welcome to Destination Aha!, where my love of conversations that make a difference and my passions for travel and PR intersect (I am the CEO of Wasabi Publicity, after all.)

Why a blog? I believe this is a perfect format for me to share my ideas with you – and hopefully, for you to share yours with me. Destination Aha! is all about juicy conversations that spark Aha moments; where we see the world in a different way. Those amazing moments give us clarity and access to getting unstuck in business and in life.

So, here are the highlights of my life to get you up to speed:

  • I grew up in Utah. (Not much else to say about that.)
  • Got a degree in Chemical Engineering. (Don’t ask; not my passion.)
  • Got clear I wanted my life to make a difference.
  • Worked for Landmark Education. (Where I met Michelle, my business partner.)
  • Got bitten by the travel bug. (Packed up my stuff and headed to Europe.)
  • Decided I want to call the shots.
  • Tried some things. (They were great, but not “it”.)
  • Created Wasabi Publicity, Inc. with Michelle. (10 years and counting…)
  • Met Will; somebody who could live with me! (Not easy.)
  • Adopted Bailey. (From the Atlanta Humane Society.)
  • Adopted Brodee. (From the Foothills Humane Society.)
  • Got bitten by the travel bug. (Again.)
  • Bought an apartment in Budapest, Hungary.
  • Renovated the apartment from floor to ceiling. (No small feat in a foreign country.)
  • Decided to start this blog.
  • Bought a farmhouse in Stara Moravica, Serbia. (Renovating it from floor to ceiling as we speak.)
  • Wrote a book (Get it here!)

Now you’re up to speed.

I would LOVE for you to share the highlights of your life so that I’m up to speed, too! Comment on your favorite Destination Aha! post, or reach me anytime at [email protected].


Michelle and Drew — August, 2012

Brodee and Bailey with their European passports ready to head to Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina

Will at the highest point on the wall around the city – Dubrovnik, Croatia

Budapest Parliament from Buda Castle

Chain Bridge and Buda Castle — Budapest, Hungary